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Hexagram 1
strong action

Hexagram 21
biting through

The I Ching or "Book of Changes" is an ancient Chinese divination manual and book of wisdom. Especially since the 1960's, its poetic text and extraordinary symbolism — to say nothing of its strange effectiveness in divination — have gained it a following in the West.

These pages provide links to I Ching resources on the Internet, and include a brief introduction to the I Ching and to my own translation, Rediscovering the I Ching, with my versions of hexagram 1 Strong Action and hexagram 21 Biting Through.

· Wilhelm translation  (USA)
· Wilhelm (with commentary) (USA)
· Wilhelm (with commentary) (Norway)

In Chinese  
· GB  (USA)
· Divination in Chinese

Unconventional Commentary
· I Ching Algebra
· Aardvark I Ching
· Timewave Zero and I Ching
· Geometry of the I Ching
· I Ching and the Dodecahedron
· I Ching Meditations
· Teaching Clinical Psychology 
· Schizophrenia & the Book of Changes
· IC+
· A Lost Relationship
· Original I Ching
· Transformation Metaphors
· I Ching Genetic Code Hyperdiamond Physics
· I Ching and the Genetic Code
· Occult Genetic Code
· Geometry of the I Ching
· Probabilistic Studies
· Methods of casting
· I Ching Counseling
· Midaughter's I Ching
· Human Emotions
· I Ching Transformations

· Tao Deck

· Hermetica

· Pathfinder
· Celestial Dragon
· Emotional I Ching
· Waking Dream
· Oracle of Love
· I Ching Astrology
· GupaJuhe (art, music, fr/eng)
· Sabian Astrology
· I Ching Series paintings

· - Elemental changes in the I Ching?new

General China/Chinese Resources
· Scholarly and Linguistic Resources on Chinese
· Chinese-Language-Related Information Page

more links 
· (archived)
· Taoism Directory

Britannica Internet Guide award

Exploratorium cool site

  by Greg Whincup, author of Rediscovering the I Ching (St Martin's Press 1996 ISBN 0-312-14131-9)

Links to I Ching resources:
In Chinese
Conventional Commentary
Unconventional Commentary
Online Divination
General China/Chinese Resources

Conventional Commentary
· Proving the I Ching
· Introductions to I Ching
· Understanding the I Ching
· Divinations From History
· Kirk McElhearn
· discussion group
· Midaughter's List
· I Ching - Philosophy and Practice
· I Ching at
· The Chameleon Book
· Yi Jing, Book of Sun and Moon
· Yi Jing Dao
· Annotated Bibliography for Students
· Great Vessel
· I Ching Wondering & Wandering Online
· Harmen's Dagboek (eng/ned)
· Unveiling the Mystery of the I Ching
· Manual do Jogo de Varetas. Livro das Mutações (portugues)

Online Divination
· I Ching divination
· Psychic Internet
· Eric's I Ching Page
· I Ching (full text)
· Oracle of Changes
· Eastern Stars I Ching
· Time Traveller's Guide to the Future
· Clarity
· I'Ching orakel (eng/ned)
· Tiges/Yarrow Stalks (fr)
· Tirage du Yi-King (fr)
· Visionary I Ching
· I Ching of the Wanderers
· I Ching de los Caminantes (esp)
· Simple divination

· I Ching Online

· Imperial I Ching

· JavaScript I Ching
· I Ching for iPhone
· Infinitao (fr/eng)

· The Changes

Software etc.
· E-ching
· I-Ching Connexion
· I Ching Vision
· Oracle of Changes
· SoftIChing
· san shan yi jing
· I Ching Empower Tool
· Change 7
· New Age I Ching Oracle

· Ancient DOS Oracle

· I Ching: the App of Changes
· Changes Interactive I Ching
· The Pocket Oracle
· My Ching - I Ching Journal Software

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